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Outside Sales Representative

Detalle de la Vacante

Resumen de la posición:

Works closely with the sales team and sales leadership to sell products and drive business growth. Identifies and builds strategic relationships with new customers and revitalizes relationships with past customers to generate revenue.

Descripción de la empresa:

Empresa de más de 100 años, de nivel internacional, dedicada a la gama más amplia de metales de alta calidad, resolviendo los desafíos de distribución, precios, procesamiento y suministro a nivel mundial y local.

Objetivos, funciones y retos de la posición:

Essential Primary Responsibilities:

  • Researches new business opportunities and reaches out to new and dormant customers via cold calling, email, social media outreach, etc.
  • Develops and fosters relationships with prospects.
  • Builds a strong pipeline of potential clients and ensures multiple, relevant touch points.
  • Maintains product and industry knowledge.
  • Achieves sales and opportunity pipeline metrics which support achievement of commercial sales profit / revenue goals.
  • Transactional & Contractual Responsibilities:
    • Enters orders into the system and modifies or deletes as required. Reads blueprints in order to enter quotes or orders for material processed in accordance with drawing specifications. May act as a technical and market resource by counseling and advising customers.
    • Cultivates a strong product and market knowledge, as well as knowledge of the customer's business and end use of material.
    • May arrange for outside purchasing of materials and services to fill customer orders or items not in stock.
    • Handles calls relating to complaints on orders by investigating the basis of complaint, referring problems to appropriate personnel, recommending action to rectify problems, and following up to ensure resolution.

Work Relationships: Internal & External Regular Contacts

Daily contact with customers, operations, traffic, outside sales, purchasing and sales management to coordinate, expedite, initiate or troubleshoot customer orders.


Prestaciones y Beneficios:
• Superiores

Perfil del candidato:

Required Experience: Type, Skills and Years • At least 3 years of sales experience • Passion for building a career in sales • Strong interpersonal and communications skills • Ability to work independently and collaboratively with others to accomplish

Características de la Vacante:

Industria / Sector:
Metalmecánica y Manufact.

Área / Departamento:
Comercial - Ventas

MONTERREY, Querétaro

Tipo de Contratación:

Horarios / turnos:
8:00 - 6:00

ID de la Vacante:

Responsable de la Vacante:

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